Effect of the consumption of green tea extract during pregnancy and lactation on metabolism of mothers and 28d-old offspring

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Losinskas Hachul, Ana Claudia [UNIFESP]
Boldarine, Valter Tadeu [UNIFESP]
Pinto Neto, Nelson Inacio [UNIFESP]
Moreno, Mayara Franzoi [UNIFESP]
Carvalho, Patricia Oliveira
Sawaya, Alexandra C. H. F.
Ribeiro, Eliane Beraldi [UNIFESP]
Oiler do Nascimento, Claudia Maria [UNIFESP]
Oyama, Lila Missae [UNIFESP]
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The objective was to investigate the effects of the maternal consumption of the green tea extract during pregnancy and lactation on mothers and offspring metabolism. The female Wistar rats, on the first day of pregnancy until the end of lactation, was divided into groups: MC-received water and ME-received green tea extract (400 mg/kg body weight/day), both ingested control diet. After lactation, at day 28th post-partum, the mothers and pups from each mother were euthanized and composed the groups: FC-pup from mother received water and FE-pup from mother received green tea extract. The ME group increased IL-10/TNF-alpha ratio and IL-1 beta content in the mesenteric and IL-1 beta content in retroperitoneal adipose tissues, and decreased catalase activity. The FE group decreased the retroperitoneal adipose tissue relative weight and SOD activity, but increased adiponectin, LPS, IL-10 and IL-6 content and IL-10/TNF-alpha ratio in retroperitoneal, IL-10 and TNF-alpha content in gonadal, and IL-6 content in mesenteric adipose tissues. In summary, the maternal consumption of green tea extract associated with control diet ingestion during pregnancy and lactation altered the inflammatory status of mothers and 28d-old offspring. These data elucidate the effects of green tea during pregnancy and lactation on maternal and offspring metabolism.
Scientific Reports. London, v. 8, p. -, 2018.