Subcutaneous hydration by hypodermoclysis - A practical and low cost treatment for elderly patients

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Junior, A. F.
Paula, A. P. de
Feldman, D. [UNIFESP]
Nasri, Fabio [UNIFESP]
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As the world's population ages, chronic and degenerative diseases are rising. This scenario demands the development of new treatment techniques with lower costs, which are as efficient as the existing ones.Hypodermoclysis is the infusion of fluids into the subcutaneous tissue with a butterfly needle. This technique may be used for isotonic fluid replacement and to administer cytosine arabinoside, clodronate, antibiotics and narcotic analgesics.This review evaluates the evidence supporting the use of hypodermoclysis to treat elderly patients with dehydration and patients with terminal cancer, and discusses its indications, adverse effects and perspectives. A MEDLINE search of the last 30 years was done to recover all available literature.Hypodermoclysis therapy is a safe and effective method to provide fluids and narcotic analgesic therapy in elderly patients that are mild and moderate dehydrated and in patients with cancer. It seems a good option to provide antibiotics, but there is a need for more studies to evaluate this indication.
Drugs & Aging. Auckland: Adis Int Ltd, v. 16, n. 4, p. 313-319, 2000.