Antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for determination of anti-PGL-I specific circulating immune complex in leprosy patients

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Tomimori, Jane [UNIFESP]
Cruaud, P.
Rotta, Osmar [UNIFESP]
Lagrange, Philippe H.
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A serological study was performed in 122 individuals: 75 leprosy patients and 47 healthy controls. The ELISA test was performed for IgG and IgM using the glycolipid PGL-I antigen from Mycobacterium leprae. Circulating immune complexes (CIC) were isolated by PEG 6000 precipitation method and after dissociation with an acid solution, the IgG and IgM specific against PGL-I were tested with the ELISA test. The multibacillary patients had high levels of antibodies, compared with paucibacillary patients and controls. The antibodies isolated from the CIC presented a similar spectrum spectral distribution as the serology. A positive correlation between the levels of free and CIC bound antibodies was observed. In contrast with tuberculosis patients, specific antibodies present in CIC were not responsible for false-negative results found in some multibacillary patients' serology, since no or very low levels of specific antibodies were found in PEG precipitated serum of these patients. No relation was observed with specific antibody levels detected in CIC during leprosy reactions.
Leprosy Review. Colchester: Lepra, v. 70, n. 3, p. 261-271, 1999.