A possible alternative mechanism of kinin generation in vivo by cathepsin L

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Puzer, L.
Vercesi, J.
Alves, MFM
Barros, NMT
Araujo, M. S.
Juliano, M. A.
Reis, M. L.
Juliano, L.
Carmona, A. K.
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We investigated the ability of cathepsin L to induce a hypotensive effect after intravenous injection in rats and correlated this decrease in blood pressure with kinin generation. Simultaneously with blood pressure decrease, we detected plasma kininogen depletion in the treated rats. the effect observed in vivo was abolished by preincubation of cathepsin L with the cysteine peptidase-specific inhibitor E-64 (11 mu m) or by previous administration of the bradykinin B-2 receptor antagonist JE049 (4 mg/kg). A potentiation of the hypotensive effect caused by cathepsin L was observed by previous administration of the angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitor captopril (5 mg/kg). in vitro studies indicated that cathepsin L excised bradykinin from the synthetic fluorogenic peptide Abz-MTSVIRRPPGFSPFRAPRV-NH2, based on the Met(375)-Val(393) sequence of rat kininogen (Abz=o-aminobenzoic acid). in conclusion, our data indicate that in vivo cathepsin L releases a kinin-related peptide, and in vitro experiments suggest that the kinin generated is bradykinin. Although it is well known that cysteine proteases are strongly inhibited by kininogen, cathepsin L could represent an alternative pathway for kinin production in pathological processes.
Biological Chemistry. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Co, v. 386, n. 7, p. 699-704, 2005.