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    • Predictive value of pulse pressure variation for fluid responsiveness in septic patients using lung-protective ventilation strategies 

      Freitas, Flavio Geraldo Rezende [UNIFESP]; Bafi, Antonio Tonete [UNIFESP]; Nascente, A. P. M. [UNIFESP]; Assuncao, M. [UNIFESP]; Mazza, B. [UNIFESP]; Azevedo, L. C. P. [UNIFESP]; Machado, F. R. [UNIFESP] (Oxford Univ Press, 2013-03-01)
      The applicability of pulse pressure variation (PP) to predict fluid responsiveness using lung-protective ventilation strategies is uncertain in clinical practice. We designed this study to evaluate the accuracy of this ...

    • Signal-morphology impedance cardiography during incremental cardiopulmonary exercise testing in pulmonary arterial hypertension 

      Ferreira, Eloara M. [UNIFESP]; Ota-Arakaki, Jaquelina S. [UNIFESP]; Barbosa, Priscila B. [UNIFESP]; Siqueira, Ana Cristina B. [UNIFESP]; Bravo, Daniela M. [UNIFESP]; Kapins, Carlos Eduardo B. [UNIFESP]; Silva, Celia Maria C. [UNIFESP]; Nery, Luiz Eduardo [UNIFESP]; Alberto Neder, J. [UNIFESP] (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012-09-01)
      Background Haemodynamic responses to exercise are related to physical impairment and worse prognosis in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It is clinically relevant, therefore, to investigate the practical ...