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Title: Chemical constituents of Anacardium occidentale as inhibitors of Trypanosoma cruzi Sirtuins
Authors: Bastos, Tanira Matutino
Russo, Helena Mannochio
Moretti, Nilmar Silvio [UNIFESP]
Schenkman, Sergio [UNIFESP]
Marcourt, Laurence
Gupta, Mahabir Prashad
Wolfender, Jean-Luc
Queiroz, Emerson Ferreira
Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira
Keywords: Trypanosoma cruzi
Anacardium occidentale
Drug discovery
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Benznidazole and nifurtimox, the only drugs available for the treatment of Chagas disease, have limited efficacy and have been associated with severe adverse side effects. Thus, there is an urgent need to find new biotargets for the identification of novel bioactive compounds against the parasite and with low toxicity. Silent information regulator 2 (Sir2) enzymes, or sirtuins, have emerged as attractive targets for the development of novel antitrypanosomatid agents. In the present work, we evaluated the inhibitory effect of natural compounds isolated from cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale, L. Anacardiaceae) against the target enzymes TcSir2rp1 and TcSir2rp3 as well as the parasite. Two derivates of cardol (1, 2), cardanol (3, 4), and anacardic acid (5, 6) were investigated. The two anacardic acids (5, 6) inhibited both TcSir2rp1 and TcSir2rp3, while the cardol compound (2) inhibited only TcSir2rp1. The most potent sirtuin inhibitor active against the parasite was the cardol compound (2), with an EC50 value of 12.25 μM, similar to that of benznidazole. Additionally, compounds (1, 4), which were inactive against the sirtuin targets, presented anti-T. cruzi effects. In conclusion, our results showed the potential of Anacardium occidentale compounds for the development of potential sirtuin inhibitors and anti-Trypanosoma cruzi agents.
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