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Title: Cyclops lesions detected by MRI are frequent findings after ACL surgical reconstruction but do not impact clinical outcome over 2 years
Authors: Facchetti, Luca
Schwaiger, Benedikt J.
Gersing, Alexandra S.
Guimaraes, Julio Brandao [UNIFESP]
Nardo, Lorenzo
Majumdar, Sharmila
Ma, Benjamin C.
Link, Thomas M.
Li, Xiaojuan
Keywords: Cyclops lesions
Anterior cruciate ligament tear
KOOS score
Clinical outcome
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Springer
Citation: European Radiology. New York, v. 27, n. 8, p. 3499-3508, 2017.
Abstract: To assess the impact of cyclops lesions with MRI in patients treated for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears on clinical outcome. In 113 patients (age 29.8 +/- 10.5y
55 females
BMI 24.8 +/- 3.7 kg/m(2)) with complete ACL tear, 3 T-MRI scans were obtained before, 6-months, 1-year (n = 75) and 2-years (n = 33) after ACL reconstruction. Presence and volume of cyclops lesions were assessed. Clinical outcomes were measured using the Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) and differences between time points (a dagger KOOS) were calculated. Changes of KOOS subscales were compared between patients with and without cyclops lesion. KOOS was also correlated with lesion volume. Cyclops lesions were found in 25% (28/113), 27% (20/75) and 33% (11/33) of patients after 6-months, 1- and 2-years, respectively. The lesion volume did not change significantly (P > 0.05) between time points, measuring 0.65 +/- 0.59, 0.81 +/- 0.70 and 0.72.9 +/- 0.96 cm(3), respectively. Clinical outcomes based on KOOS subscales were not significantly different in patients with cyclops lesions compared to those without cyclops lesions (each comparison P > 0.05), and no significant associations of clinical outcomes with lesion volume were found (P > 0.05). Neither presence nor size of cyclops lesions within the first 2-years after ACL surgery were associated with inferior clinical outcome. aEuro cent Cyclops lesions had a prevalence of 25% in patients after ACL reconstruction. aEuro cent Subjects with cyclops lesions did not have an inferior clinical outcome. aEuro cent Cyclops lesions developed within the first 6 months after surgery. aEuro cent The size of cyclops lesions did not significantly change over a period of 2 years.
ISSN: 0938-7994
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