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    • Assessing risk of bias in randomized controlled trials of methylphenidate for children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 

      Rodrigues-Tartari, Raissa [UNIFESP]; Swardfager, Walter; Salum, Giovanni A.; Rohde, Luis A.; Cogo-Moreira, Hugo [UNIFESP] (Wiley, 2018)
      To test how reliable the tool recommend by Cochrane Collaboration for assessing risk of bias systematic reviews of randomized clinical trials is in the context of methylphenidate for children and adolescents with attention ...
    • A General Psychopathology Factor (P Factor) in Children: Structural Model Analysis and External Validation Through Familial Risk and Child Global Executive Function 

      Martel, Michelle M.; Pan, Pedro Mario [UNIFESP]; Hoffmann, Mauricio S.; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Rosario, Maria Conceicao do [UNIFESP]; Mari, Jair de Jesus [UNIFESP]; Manfro, Gisele G.; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Paus, Tomas; Bressan, Rodrigo Affonseca [UNIFESP]; Rohde, Luis A.; Salum, Giovanni A. (Amer Psychological Assoc, 2017)
      High rates of comorbidities and poor validity of disorder diagnostic criteria for mental disorders hamper advances in mental health research. Recent work has suggested the utility of continuous cross-cutting dimensions, ...
    • Low frequency fluctuation of brain spontaneous activity and obsessive compulsive symptoms in a large school-age sample 

      Hoexter, Marcelo Q.; Biazoli, Claudinei E., Jr.; Alvarenga, Pedro G.; Batistuzzo, Marcelo C.; Salum, Giovanni A.; Gadelha, Ary; Pan, Pedro M.; Anes, Mauricio; Mancini-Martins, Leticia; Moura, Luciana M.; Soriano-Mas, Caries; Aquilla, Marco A. G. Del'; Arnaro, Edson, Jr.; Rohde, Luis A.; Jackowski, Andrea P.; Bressan, Rodrigo A.; Miguel, Euripedes C.; do Rosario, Maria C.; Sato, Joao R. (Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2018)
      Background: The present study was designed to explore alterations in brain dynamics at rest that are associated with Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms (OCS) in childhood by measuring low frequency fluctuation of spontaneous ...
    • Perinatal complications, lipid peroxidation, and mental health problems in a large community pediatric sample 

      Mansur, Rodrigo B. [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Graccielle R. [UNIFESP]; Asevedo, Elson [UNIFESP]; Zugman, Andre [UNIFESP]; Rios, Adiel C. [UNIFESP]; Salum, Giovanni A.; Pan, Pedro M. [UNIFESP]; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Levandowski, Mateus L.; Belangero, Sintia I. [UNIFESP]; Manfro, Gisele G. [UNIFESP]; Stertz, Laura; Kauer-Sant'anna, Marcia; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Bressan, Rodrigo A. [UNIFESP]; Mari, Jair J. [UNIFESP]; Grassi-Oliveira, Rodrigo [UNIFESP]; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP] (Springer, 2017)
      Replicated evidence indicates that perinatal complications are associated with increased markers of oxidative stress and with mental health problems in children. However, there are fewer reports on the impact of perinatal ...
    • Prevalence, clinical correlates and maternal psychopathology of deliberate self-harm in children and early adolescents: results from a large community study 

      Simioni, Andre R.; Pan, Pedro M. [UNIFESP]; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Manfro, Gisele G.; Mari, Jair J. [UNIFESP]; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Rohde, Luis A.; Salum, Giovanni A. (Assoc Brasileira Psiquiatria, 2018)
      Objectives: Little is known about the prevalence and correlates of deliberate self-harm (DSH) in children from low- and middle-income countries. We investigated the prevalence of DSH and its clinical and maternal ...
    • Psychopathology and friendship in children and adolescents: disentangling the role of co-occurring symptom domains with serial mediation models 

      Manfro, Arthur Gus; Pan, Pedro M. [UNIFESP]; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Fleck, Marcelo; do Rosario, Maria C. [UNIFESP]; Cogo-Moreira, Hugo [UNIFESP]; Affonseca-Bressan, Rodrigo [UNIFESP]; Mari, Jair [UNIFESP]; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Rohde, Luis A.; Salum, Giovanni A. (Springer, 2017)
      The consolidation of social friendship groups is a vital part of human development. The objective of this study is to understand the direct and indirect influences of three major symptomatic domains-emotional, hyperkinetic, ...
    • Serum copeptin in children exposed to maltreatment 

      Coelho, Roberta; Levandowski, Mateus L.; Mansur, Rodrigo B.; Cunha, Graccielle Rodrigues da [UNIFESP]; Asevedo, Elson [UNIFESP]; Zugman, Andre [UNIFESP]; Salum, Giovanni A.; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Pan, Pedro Mario [UNIFESP]; Rizzo, Lucas Bortolotto [UNIFESP]; Manfro, Gisele; Mari, Jair de Jesus [UNIFESP]; Rohde, Luis A.; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Bressan, Rodrigo Affonseca [UNIFESP]; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP]; Grassi-Oliveira, Rodrigo (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)
      AimChildhood maltreatment (CM) has been related to a persistent reprograming of stress-response. Copeptin is a marker of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation
    • Ventral Striatum Functional Connectivity as a Predictor of Adolescent Depressive Disorder in a Longitudinal Community-Based Sample 

      Pan, Pedro Mario [UNIFESP]; Sato, Joao R. [UNIFESP]; Salum, Giovanni A.; Rohde, Luis A.; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Zugman, Andre [UNIFESP]; Mari, Jair [UNIFESP]; Jackowski, Andrea [UNIFESP]; Picon, Felipe; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Pine, Daniel S.; Leibenluft, Ellen; Bressan, Rodrigo A. [UNIFESP]; Stringaris, Argyris (Amer Psychiatric Publishing, Inc, 2017)
      Objective: Previous studies have implicated aberrant reward processing in the pathogenesis of adolescent depression. However, no study has used functional connectivity within a distributed reward network, assessed using ...