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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Aerobic exercise inhibits acute lung injury: from mouse to human evidence Exercise reduced lung injury markers in mouse and in cellsRigonato-Oliveira, Nicole Cristine; MacKenzie, BreAnne; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Oliveira-Junior, Manoel Carneiro; Santos-Dias, Alana; Rodrigues Brandao-Rangel, Maysa Alves [UNIFESP]; Delle, Humberto; Costa-Guimaraes, Tamara; Damaceno-Rodrigues, Nilsa Regina; Dulley, Larissa Hilario; Benetti, Marcela Anhesini; Malfitano, Christiane; de Angelis, Katia [UNIFESP]; Albertini, Regiane [UNIFESP]; Ligeiro Oliveira, Ana Paula; Abbasi, Asghar; Northoff, Hinnak; Vieira, Rodolfo Paula [UNIFESP]
2017Effects of drinking desalinated seawater on cell viability and proliferationMacarrao, Camila Longhi; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Mariano, Mario [UNIFESP]; Abel, Lucia Jamli
2017Exercise-Induced Change in Plasma IL-12p70 Is Linked to Migraine Prevention and Anxiolytic Effects in Treatment-Naive Women: A Randomized Controlled TrialOliveira, Arao Belitardo [UNIFESP]; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Ribeiro, Reinaldo Teixeira; Mello, Marco Tulio; Vaisberg, Mauro [UNIFESP]; Prieto Peres, Mario Fernando
2017Monocyte subtypes and the CCR2 chemokine receptor in cardiovascular diseaseFranca, Carolina N. [UNIFESP]; Izar, Maria C. O. [UNIFESP]; Hortencio, Marinella N. S.; do Amaral, Jonatas B. [UNIFESP]; Ferreira, Carlos E. S.; Tuleta, Izabela D.; Fonseca, Francisco A. H.Macarrao, Camila Longhi; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Mariano, Mario [UNIFESP]; Abel, Lucia Jamli
2017Relationship between Anxiety and Interleukin 10 in Female Soccer Players with and Without Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)Foster, Roberta [UNIFESP]; Vaisberg, Mauro [UNIFESP]; de Araujo, Maita Poli [UNIFESP]; Martins, Marcia Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Capel, Tiago [UNIFESP]; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Katalin de Jarmy-Di Bella, Zsuzsanna Ilona [UNIFESP]
2016Relationship between cytokines and running economy in marathon runnersLuna Junior, Luiz Antonio [UNIFESP]; Batista dos Santos, Juliana de Melo; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Foster, Roberta [UNIFESP]; Amaro, Alexandre Slowetzky; Ligeiro de Oliveira, Ana Paula; Renno Sierra, Ana Paula; Peduti Dal Molin Kiss, Maria Augusta; Vaisberg, Mauro Walter [UNIFESP]
2017Unbalanced plasma TNF-alpha and IL-12/IL-10 profile in women with migraine is associated with psychological and physiological outcomesOliveira, Arao Belitardo [UNIFESP]; Lacerda Bachi, Andre Luis; Ribeiro, Reinaldo Teixeira [UNIFESP]; Meho, Marco Tulio; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Prieto Peres, Mario Fernando [UNIFESP]