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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2006Identification of novel consensus CD4 T-cell epitopes from clade B HIV-1 whole genome that are frequently recognized by HIV-1 infected patientsFonseca, Simone G.; Coutinho-Silva, Adriana; Fonseca, Luiz Augusto M.; Segurado, Aluisio C.; Moraes, Sandra L.; Rodrigues, Helcio; Hammer, Juergen; Kallas, Esper Georges [UNIFESP]; Sidney, John; Sette, Alessandro; Kalil, Jorge; Cunha-Neto, Edecio; Universidade de São Paulo (USP); Hoffmann La Roche Inc; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); La Jolla Inst Allergy & Immunol
1-Jan-2003Identification of potential vaccine T cell epitopes based on computer selected sequencesIwai, Leo Kei [UNIFESP]; Yoshida, M.; Shikanai-Yasuda, Maria Aparecida; Juliano, Maria Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Hammer, J.; Juliano, Luiz [UNIFESP]; Kalil, Jorge [UNIFESP]; Travassos, Luiz Rodolpho [UNIFESP]; Cunha-Neto, Edecio [UNIFESP]; Universidade de São Paulo (USP); Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Hoffmann La Roche Inc
1-Sep-2003In silico prediction of peptides binding to multiple HLA-DR molecules accurately identifies immunodominant epitopes from gp43 of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis frequently recognized in primary peripheral blood mononuclear cell responses from sensitized individualsIwai, Leo Kei [UNIFESP]; Yoshida, Márcia; Sidney, John; Shikanai-Yasuda, Maria Aparecida; Goldberg, Anna Carla; Juliano, Maria Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Hammer, Jurgen; Juliano, Luiz [UNIFESP]; Sette, Alessandro; Kalil, Jorge; Travassos, Luiz Rodolpho [UNIFESP]; Cunha-Neto, Edecio; Universidade de São Paulo (USP); La Jolla Inst Allergy & Immunol; Hoffmann La Roche Inc; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
1-Jan-2014A randomised, double-blind, parallel-group study of the safety and efficacy of subcutaneous tocilizumab versus intravenous tocilizumab in combination with traditional disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs in patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (SUMMACTA study)Burmester, Gerd R.; Rubbert-Roth, Andrea; Cantagrel, Alain; Hall, Stephen; Leszczynski, Piotr; Pollak, Daniel Feldman [UNIFESP]; Rangaraj, Madura J.; Roane, Georgia; Ludivico, Charles; Lu, Peng; Rowell, Lucy; Bao, Min; Mysler, Eduardo F.; Charite; Free Univ Berlin; Humboldt Univ; Klinikum Univ Koln; Ctr Hosp Univ Toulouse; Cabrini Med Ctr; Poznan Univ Med Sci; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Arthrit & Diabet Clin Inc; Rheumatol Associates PA; East Penn Rheumatol Associates PC; Hoffmann La Roche Inc; Roche Prod Ltd; Genentech Inc; Org Med Invest