Experimental Video Analysis of Eye Blink Reflex in a Primate Model

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Borin, Andrei [UNIFESP]
Mello, Luiz Eugenio Araujo M. [UNIFESP]
Neiva, Felipe Costa [UNIFESP]
Gurgel Testa, Jose Ricardo [UNIFESP]
Mendonca Cruz, Oswaldo Laercio [UNIFESP]
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Background: the establishment of reliable methods for functional assessment in experimental models of peripheral nerve regeneration is crucial.Methods: We present a straightforward method for video analysis of the eye blink reflex in a model of facial nerve damage in a nonhuman primate (Callithrix sp.).Results: Our 6-level dynamic analysis demonstrated good reproducibility between independent observers, as measured by Cohen's kappa index. Our static analysis, which was based on 4 semi-automated metric parameters, showed low correlation during the early stage of facial movement recovery (the first and second weeks), but the correlation was excellent during the later stage of recovery (the third and fourth weeks).Conclusion: Altogether, our results establish a viable and readily accessible method with good reproducibility and correlation for the analysis of functional facial nerve recovery in an experimental model and based on video images of the eye blink reflex.
Otology & Neurotology. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, v. 33, n. 9, p. 1625-1629, 2012.