Effects of acute systemic administration of cannabidiol on sleep-wake cycle in rats

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Chagas, Marcos Hortes N.
Crippa, Jose Alexandre S.
Zuardi, Antonio Waldo
Hallak, Jaime E. C.
Machado-de-Sousa, Joao Paulo
Hirotsu, Camila [UNIFESP]
Maia, Lucas [UNIFESP]
Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]
Andersen, Monica Levy [UNIFESP]
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main components of Cannabis sativa and has a wide spectrum of action, including effects in the sleep-wake cycle.Objective: the objective of this paper is to assess the effects on sleep of acute systemic administration of CBD.Method: Adult male Wistar rats were randomly distributed into four groups that received intraperitoneal injections of CBD 2.5 mg/kg, CBD 10 mg/kg, CBD 40 mg/kg or vehicle (n=seven animals/group). Sleep recordings were made during light and dark periods for four days: two days of baseline recording, one day of drug administration (test), and one day after drug (post-test).Results: During the light period of the test day, the total percentage of sleep significantly increased in the groups treated with 10 and 40 mg/kg of CBD compared to placebo. REM sleep latency increased in the group injected with CBD 40 mg/kg and was significantly decreased with the dose of 10 mg/kg on the post-test day. There was an increase in the time of SWS in the group treated with CBD 40 mg/kg, although this result did not reach statistical significance.Conclusion: the systemic acute administration of CBD appears to increase total sleep time, in addition to increasing sleep latency in the light period of the day of administration.
Journal of Psychopharmacology. London: Sage Publications Ltd, v. 27, n. 3, p. 312-316, 2013.