A State-Based Testing Method for Detecting Aspect Composition Faults

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Silveira, Fabio Fagundes [UNIFESP]
Cunha, Adilson Marques da
Lisboa, Maria Lucia
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Aspect-Oriented Software Development is a contemporary technique of software development that aims to improve the separation of concerns issues faced by traditional approaches. It improves the modularity of crosscutting concerns into units called aspects. However, this feature raises concerns about the quality of aspect-oriented programs (AOP). Existing functional testing approaches do not directly investigate the aspect composition problem, its resultant interactions and representation on a dynamic model. This paper describes a state-based testing method for AOP that targets class-aspect and aspect-aspect faults. To support the developed method, we introduce a model to represent the dynamic behavior of aspects interactions, a strategy to derive testing sequences, and a testing tool. Results of our assessment show that the approach is capable of detecting faults based on fault-models available in the literature. Furthermore, it is able to reveal another source of faults on AOPs, the aspect composition fault.
Computational Science And Its Applications - Iccsa 2014, Pt V. Berlin: Springer-verlag Berlin, v. 8583, p. 418-433, 2014.