Characterization of an interspersed repetitive DNA element in the genome of Trypanosoma cruzi

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Araya, J.
Cano, M. I.
Gomes, HBM
Novak, E. M.
Requena, J. M.
Alonso, C.
Levin, M. J.
Guevara, P.
Ramirez, J. L.
Da Silveira, J. F.
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We report the molecular characterization of a middle repetitive DNA sequence, named C6, isolated from the Trypanosoma cruzi genome. C6 appears to be a composite repeated element since 3 subregions may be defined within it on the basis of sequence similarities with other T. cruzi genomic sequences. Sequences homologous to C6 are interspersed in the genome and can be mapped out on most chromosomal bands of different T. cruzi. strains. the copy number of the C6 element is about 1000 per haploid genome. Given the species specificity and different genomic distribution of C6 homologous sequences among the T. cruzi strains the C6 element could be a useful probe for diagnosis and typing of parasites. C6 is a polymorphic marker with potential as a tool for physical mapping of the T. cruzi genome.
Parasitology. New York: Cambridge Univ Press, v. 115, p. 563-570, 1997.