Evaluation of subgingival bacterial plaque changes and effects on periodontal tissues in patients with renal transplants under immunosuppressive therapy

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Saraiva, L.
Lotufo, RFM
Pustiglioni, A. N.
Silva, H. T.
Imbronito, A. V.
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Objective. the purpose of this study was to identify the presence of periodontal rnicrorganisms in 35 renal transplant patients before the transplant procedure.Study design. At each time point, clinical parameters were recorded and subgingival plaque samples were collected from 4 different sites at days 30 and 90 after surgery. Samples were plated onto selective and nonselective media to determine total colony counts and the presence of putative periodontal pathogens. After transplant surgery, patients received immunosuppressive therapy.Results. Statistical analysis of the microbiologic data showed significant changes between time points. An increase in total counts of rnicrorganisms was observed on day 90 after Surgery. As a side effect of cyclosporine, 14 patients developed gingival overgrowth. Beta-hemolytic Streptococcus was more frequently detected in patients who did not present gingival overgrowth 90 days after surgery.Conclusion. Quantitative and qualitative changes of the subgingival microflora can occur 90 clays after transplant surgery, while patients are still under immunosupressive.
Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology and Endodontics. St Louis: Mosby, Inc, v. 101, n. 4, p. 457-462, 2006.