Breve estudo acerca dos trabalhos em educação sobre afetividade

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Santos, Gisele Cristina [UNIFESP]
Sanches, Maria Cecilia [UNIFESP]
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The theme of this monograph is to carry out a brief study on works in education that address the theme of affectivity, thus considering the importance of Henri Wallon's psychogenetic theory. The study falls under the theme of Psychology of Education, which brings us closer to the many debates that take place around Education. The general objective of this monograph was to contribute to research in the field of Education, especially with those that use Henri Wallon's theory as a theoretical framework. In addition, to investigate how the theme is approached in different educational contexts. This research is based on the psychogenetic theory of the author Henri Wallon, which his works intentionally contributed to the discoveries of understanding the child as an integral being in all fields of development, namely: motor, cognitive, affective, and person. To complement this work, articles by different authors were used to approach the subject, referring to the accomplishment of two bibliographical surveys.The results show us that affective development is fundamental, as it is intertwined with other human dimensions, such as cognition, motricity and self-awareness.