A previdência social brasileira e a opção pelo regime de capitalização: um debate sobre a proposta de emenda constitucional (6/2019) da reforma da previdência

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Filho, Francisco Carlos Motta [UNIFESP]
Feldmann, Daniel Augusto [UNIFESP]
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The objective of this paper is to study the existing controversies in the PEC (6/2019) that deals with the Social Security Reform, focusing on the critical analysis of the proposal to introduce the individual capitalization system to replace the social security system. To carry out the study, the experience of the capitalization in Chile was analyzed, which demonstrates that the model did not fulfill the promises of improving public accounts and increasing voluntary savings, on the contrary, capitalization increased government spending with transition costs and it decreased both the value of pensions and the rate of coverage of benefits. Through literatute review and documentary research, it sought to validate the hypothesis that Brazil should not adopt the capitalization system, measuring the possible impacts and consequences for the Brazilian economy of a change to capitalization. It concludes that the current system should not be replaced by the proposed system and that social security fulfills na importante social and economic role in Brazil that transcends the health social security expenses.