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    Higher education in dark times: from the democratic renewal of Brazilian universities to its current wreck
    (Taylor & Francis, 2021) Arantes, Pedro Fiori [UNIFESP];
    This article discusses the recent expansion and democratization of Brazil’s higher education system from the beginning of the twentyfirst century to the present, concluding with its contemporary clash with the far-right government, which has placed universities and scientific knowledge under attack – an experience had around the globe. In the last two decades, Brazilian public universities have become more diverse in terms of the class and racial backgrounds of students, as well as their larger expansion with new campuses in the hinterlands, the Amazon, and the peripheries of metropolitan areas. Private higher education has also expanded enormously – in part, thanks to capital concentration, inflow of foreign capital, massive public subsidies and oligopolistic strategies. In both public and private sectors, Brazilian higher education has experienced a renascence. However, since 2018, the new power bloc, concentrated around President Bolsonaro and the far right, chose Public Universities and the National Science and Research system as one of its main targets. The current regressive moment in Brazil it is not an exception, in different countries universities and science are under attack. Ultimately, this article seeks to contribute, not only to a better understanding of Brazil’s on-going experience, but also to the larger public debate on higher education policy in the Global South and other countries facing similar challenges.
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    Expansão e Qualidade: Desempenho Acadêmico e Sistemas Métricos na Unifesp
    (ComArte, 2019) Smaili, Soraya Soubhi [UNIFESP]; Brèlaz, Gabriela de [UNIFESP]; Silva, Lidiane Cristina [UNIFESP]; Marcovitch, Jacques (Org.)