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    • Early weight gain and the development of asthma and atopy in children 

      Wandalsen, Gustavo F. [UNIFESP]; Chong-Neto, Herberto J.; Souza, Fabiola S. de [UNIFESP]; Sole, Dirceu [UNIFESP]; Bacharier, Leonard B. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014-04-01)
      Purpose of reviewTo provide perspective to the most recent evidence regarding the association between early weight gain in infancy and the development of asthma and atopy during childhood, and highlight the potential ...

    • Rupatadine fumarate is effective in the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis: A multicentre study 

      Mion, Olavo de Godoy; Mello, J.; Castro, F.; Cruz, A.; Mocellin, Marcos [UNIFESP]; Bogart, P.; Chavarria, Maria Letícia; Antila, Martti; Solé, Dirceu [UNIFESP]; Wexler, Luc [UNIFESP]; Guimaraes, R.; Miniti, A. (Blackwell Publishing, 2007-06-01)
    • Use of Color Doppler Ultrasonography for the Prediction of Malignancy in Follicidar Thyroid Neoplasms Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 

      Iared, Wagner [UNIFESP]; Shigueoka, David Carlos [UNIFESP]; Cristofoli, Julio Cesar; Andriolo, Regis Bruni [UNIFESP]; Atallah, Álvaro Nagib [UNIFESP]; Ajzen, Sergio Aron [UNIFESP]; Valente, Orsine [UNIFESP] (Amer Inst Ultrasound Medicine, 2010-03-01)
      Objective. The purpose of this systematic review was to obtain summary estimates of the diagnostic accuracy of color Doppler ultrasonography (CDU) in predicting malignancy in thyroid follicular neoplasms (FNs). Methods. ...