Emerging Infections and Pertinent Infections Related to Travel for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies

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Sullivan, Kathleen E.
Bassiri, Hamid
Bousfiha, Ahmed A.
Costa-Carvalho, Beatriz T. [UNIFESP]
Freeman, Alexandra F.
Hagin, David
Lau, Yu L.
Lionakis, Michail S.
Moreira, Ileana
Pinto, Jorge A.
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In today's global economy and affordable vacation travel, it is increasingly important that visitors to another country and their physician be familiar with emerging infections, infections unique to a specific geographic region, and risks related to the process of travel. This is never more important than for patients with primary immunodeficiency disorders (PIDD). A recent review addressing common causes of fever in travelers provides important information for the general population Thwaites and Day (N Engl J Med 376:548-560, 2017). This review covers critical infectious and management concerns specifically related to travel for patients with PIDD. This review will discuss the context of the changing landscape of infections, highlight specific infections of concern, and profile distinct infection phenotypes in patients who are immune compromised. The organization of this review will address the environment driving emerging infections and several concerns unique to patients with PIDD. The first section addresses general considerations, the second section profiles specific infections organized according to mechanism of transmission, and the third section focuses on unique phenotypes and unique susceptibilities in patients with PIDDs. This review does not address most parasitic diseases. Reference tables provide easily accessible information on a broader range of infections than is described in the text.
Journal Of Clinical Immunology. New York, v. 37, n. 7, p. 650-692, 2017.