Experience of an online course on sexuality during pregnancy for residents

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Souza Barroso Vieira, Teresa Cristina [unifesp]
Nakamura, Mary Uchiyama [unifesp]
da Silva, Ivaldo [unifesp]
Torloni, Maria Regina [unifesp]
Ribeiro, Meireluci Costa [unifesp]
Scanavino, Marco de Tubino
de Souza, Eduardo [unifesp]
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Objective: Many obstetrics and gynecology (Ob/Gyn) residents report insufficient knowledge about female sexuality and this has a negative impact on their capacity to manage their patients. The aim of this study was to describe an online course about sexuality during pregnancy for Brazilian Ob/Gyn residents and evaluate their knowledge acquisition. Methods: This longitudinal educational intervention study involved 219 Brazilian Ob/Gyn residents. The online course lasted 24 h (10 video lectures and discussion chats). Upon enrollment, the participants answered a questionnaire in regard to their training, attitudes and practices about sexuality during pregnancy. Participants' knowledge acquisition was assessed using a pre-and post-course test about sexuality during pregnancy. At the end of the course, participants were asked to evaluate their educational experience. Student's t and chi-square tests were used to analyze the pre-and post-course test scores. P values < 0.05 were considered statistically significant. Results: A total of 143 Ob/Gyns (65.3% of those enrolled) completed the course. At baseline, most participants reported that they did not have any sexology classes as undergraduates (62.5%) or in their residency (52.1%), and that they lacked specific knowledge in this area to manage their patients. Mean test scores increased significantly at the end of the course: 4.4 (+/- 1.6) versus 6.0 (+/- 1.3) (out of a maximum score of 10), before and after the course, respectively (p < 0,0001). Most of the residents rated the overall quality of the course as "higher than expected". Conclusion: An online course for Ob/Gyn residents was associated with a significant increase in knowledge about sexuality during pregnancy. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare. Clare, v. 12, p. 76-81, 2017.