Evaluation of retromolar canals on cone beam computerized tomography scans and digital panoramic radiographs

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Palma, Luiz Felipe [UNIFESP]
Buck, Ariane Fraga
Kfouri, Flavio de Avila
Blachman, Isaac Tobias
Lombardi, Leonardo Augusto
Cavalli, Marcelo Arthur
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The purpose of this study was to carry out morphologic and topographic analyses of retromolar canals on cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) scans, comparing findings to others obtained from the corresponding digital panoramic radiographs. Sixty-one CBCT scans were analysed digitally, as well as their corresponding digital panoramic radiographs. The prevalence and distribution of these canals, foramen diameters, and intraosseous communications were also evaluated. On CBCT scans, we found that 24.6% of individuals had at least one retromolar canal. The mean foramen diameter was slightly higher than 1 mm and we could not determine the intraosseous anatomical connections in most cases. The morphology and topography of the retromolar canals were not affected by gender and antimere. In addition, only 22.2% of all tomographically identified canals could be confirmed on digital panoramic radiographs (26.7% of such patients). Regarding all sample, 6.6% of individuals showed retromolar canals on digital panoramic radiographs. We may consider that these structures are clinically relevant findings and, due to the low accuracy of the panoramic radiographs, high-quality tomographic exams should always be asked for presurgical treatment planning.
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery-Heidelberg. Heidelberg, v. 21, n. 3, p. 307-312, 2017.