Cross-cultural adaptation of the Events Schedule-Alzheimer's Disease to Brazilian Portuguese

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Silva de Souza Saviotti, Karen Rosangela [UNIFESP]
Fernadez Canon, Mariana Boaro [UNIFESP]
Pires Camargo Novelli, Marcia Maria [UNIFESP]
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Background: Engagement in pleasant activities for elders with cognitive impairment may improve mood and reduce behavior problems. The Pleasant Events Schedule-Alzheimer's Disease (PES-AD) has been described as a useful tool for this purpose, and its transcultural adaptation allows professionals to aid caretakers and elders in identifying pleasurable activities. Objective: Submit the PES-AD to process of cross-cultural adaptation to Brazilian Portuguese. Methods: The PES-AD was submitted to a five-stage process of cross-cultural adaptation as follows: 1) translation
2) summary of translation
3) back-translation
4) evaluation of equivalences: semantic, idiomatic, cultural, conceptual
and 5) pre-testing. Results: The five-stage process was conducted on 36 items and three were adjusted. In the evaluation of equivalencies, four items had a level of agreement less than 0.8 and so were modified according to judges' suggestions. Discussion: Submitting the PES-AD to a five-stage, cross-cultural adaptation maintained the original instrument's content validity.
Archives Of Clinical Psychiatry. Sao Paulo, v. 43, n. 5, p. 95-102, 2016.