In-house coordination project for organ and tissue procurement: social responsibility and promising results

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Silva e Silva, Vanessa [UNIFESP]
Moura, Luciana Carvalho
Martins, Luciana Ribeiro
Cardoso dos Santos, Roberta Cristina
Schirmer, Janine [UNIFESP]
Roza, Bartira de Aguiar [UNIFESP]
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Objectives: to report the results of evaluation regarding changes in the number of potential donor referrals, actual donors, and conversion rates after the implementation of an in-house organ and tissue donation for transplantation coordination project. Methods: epidemiological study, both retrospective and transversal, was performed with organ donation data from the Secretariat of Health for the State and the in-house organ donation coordination project of a beneficent hospital. The data was compared using nonparametric statistical Mann-Whitney test, and the Student's t-test, considering a significance level of 5% ( p < 0.05). Results: there were statistically significant differences ( p < 0.05), before and after the implementation of the project on the number of potential donor notification/month ( 3.05 - 4.7), number of actual donor/month (0.78 to 1.60) and rate of conversion ( 24.7 to 34.8 %). The hospitals 1, 2, 7 and 8 had significant results in potential donor, actual donor or conversion rate. Conclusion: the presence of an in-house coordinator is promising and beneficial, the specialist is important to change the indicators of efficiency, which consequently reduces the waiting lists for organ transplants.
Revista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem. Ribeirao preto, v. 24, p. e2773, 2016.