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dc.contributor.authorBalbino, Flávia Simphronio [UNIFESP]
dc.contributor.authorFerreira Gomes Balieiro, Maria Magda [UNIFESP]
dc.contributor.authorMandetta, Myriam Aparecida [UNIFESP]
dc.identifier.citationRevista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem. Ribeirao preto, v. 24, p. e2753, 2016.
dc.description.abstractObjective: to evaluate the effects of the implementation of the Patient and Family-Centered Care Model on parents and healthcare perceptions and parental stress. Method: a quasi-experimental study developed in a neonatal unit of a university hospital in the municipality of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the implementation of this model of care. Data collection were performed by two sample groups, one using non-equivalent groups of parents, and another using equivalent groups of healthcare professionals. The instruments Perceptions of Family-Centered Care-Parent Brazilian Version, Perceptions of Family-Centered Care-Staff Brazilian Version and Parental Stress Scale: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, were applied to 132 parents of newborns hospitalized and to 57 professionals. Results: there was a statistically significant improvement in the perceptions of the parents in most items assessed (p <= 0,05) and for the staff in relation to the family welcome in the neonatal unit (p = 0.041) and to the comprehension of the family's experience with the infant's hospitalization (p = 0,050). There was a reduction in the average scores of parental stress, with a greater decrease in the Alteration in Parental Role from 4,2 to 3,8 (p = 0,048). Conclusion: the interventions improved the perceptions of parents and healthcare team related to patient and family-centered care and contributed to reducing parental stress.en
dc.publisherAssoc Brasileira Otorrinolaringologia & Cirurgia Cervicofacial
dc.relation.ispartofRevista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem
dc.rightsAcesso aberto
dc.subjectInterventions Studiesen
dc.subjectHealth Personnelen
dc.subjectNeonatal Nursingen
dc.subjectNeonatal Intensive Care UnitIntegrated Careen
dc.titleMeasurement of family-centered care perception and parental stress in a neonatal uniten
dc.description.affiliationDepartamento de Enfermagem Pediátrica, Escola Paulista de Enfermagem, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
dc.description.affiliationUnifespDepartamento de Enfermagem Pediátrica, Escola Paulista de Enfermagem, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Rua Napoleao de Barros 754, BR-04024002 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
dc.description.sourceWeb of Science

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