Usability evaluation of a gestural interface application for children

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Martins, Valeria Farinazzo
Sampaio, Paulo N. M.
Niedermeyer, Andrea [UNIFESP]
Guimaraes, Marcelo de Paiva [UNIFESP]
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One of the main difficulties of this literacy process is the question of the spelling of the por language, which has no regularity in relation to issue of letter-sound conversion. The advancement of technology in the educational environment has become the most dynamic and engaging lessons for students and teachers. The use of natural interfaces makes it the simplest and easiest applications to interact. This paper presents the development of an educational game covering the issue of misspellings of children in the literacy process and the use of the interface by gestures, such as motivation and attraction to the educational environment. The application developed was tested with children of the second year of elementary education at a private school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and usability rating is described in this paper. The main contribution of this work to the educational environment is the experience of children with new ways to interact with the computer and the motivation for using the application in everyday school life.
Design, User Experience, And Usability: Novel User Experiences, Pt Ii. Cham, v. 9747, p. 587-596, 2016.