The research on comics in brazilian universities: a statistical analysis of the general panorama and among the historians

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Callari, Victor [UNIFESP]
Gentil, Karoline Kunieda
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This paper presents a comic book scene panorama in Brazil, especially in recent decades, and the data collected on the development of the academic setting that works with Comics as sources or objects of research, from the 1970s, arriving until the present day, with emphasis on the production of the historians. The quantitative survey seeks also to contribute to the information and data collected by Waldomiro Vergueiro and Roberto Elysium dos Santos on the production of research on comics at the University of Sao Paulo - in a survey conducted in 2006 - but expanded the analysis for the State and Federal Universities from all over the country, identifying the main fields and research development areas involving Comics Communication, History, Literature, Education, among others - its advance over the past four decades and its main spheres of development, such as dissertations or doctoral theses. Thus, it seeks to map the academic production and provide the future research on comic books important statistical data, charts and information about the different academic knowledge production sites Comics nationwide.
Historia Historias. Brasilia, v. 4, n. 7, p. 9-23, 2016.