Decision support systems for healthcare: A methodology review

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Leao, Beatriz de Faria [UNIFESP]
Nardon, Fabiane Bizinella
Feldens, Miguel Artur
Pavan, Altino
Madril, Pablo
Waegemann, C. P.
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This paper presents in its introduction an overview of decision support systems (DSS) in health care emphasizing the methodologies used for the construction of these systems. The subsequent sections address the issue of integration of DSS with other information systems in healthcare, proposing a strategy of accomplishing this through the definition of CORBA based software components. This model is intended to cover issues of data access, knowledge representation, learning, events, and observers, through which user interaction is supported. It is supposed to be a model flexible enough to support different kinds of DSS, such as data mining (DM), case based reasoning(CBR), alert systems, and more. At the end, an application of this model to build an alert system is discussed. The present status of the project and its further developments conclude the paper.
Toward An Electronic Patient Record '98 Conference And Exposition, Proceedings - Vols 1-3. Newton: Medical Records Institute, p. B102-B114, 1998.