V-Y advancement flap for the reconstruction of partial and full thickness defects of the upper lip

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Carvalho, Lucia Miiko Yojo de [UNIFESP]
Ramos, Roberto Rudge [UNIFESP]
Santos, Ivan Dunshee de Abranches Oliveira [UNIFESP]
Brunstein, Flávia [UNIFESP]
Lima, Alessandra Haddad [UNIFESP]
Ferreira, Lydia Masako [UNIFESP]
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We analysed the records of 25 patients who had their upper lips reconstructed after resection of a tumour. All the repairs were done with triangular Cutaneous and musculocanteous flaps With a Skill island with V-Y advancement, and a subcutaneous or muscular pedicle With Or without mucosa. The choice of flap was based on the width of the defect after the tumour had been resected. A subcutaneous pedicled 11,11) Was used ill 14 patients, a musculocutaneous flap not including the mucosa in 5. and including the mucosa in 6. This flap call be used to repair upper lip defects of any thickness. The procedure is quite Safe frOul a Circulatory point of view and the flap has the advantage of requiring only one procedure. It is aesthetically satisfactory in Most patients and maintains the good function and sensitivity of the lip.
Scandinavian Journal Of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery And Hand Surgery. Oslo: Taylor & Francis As, v. 36, n. 1, p. 28-33, 2002.