Retratamento de LASIK com fotoablação personalizada versus fotoablação convencional utilizando o LADAR: Alcon

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Vianna, Lucas Monferrari Monteiro [UNIFESP]
Nascimento, Heloisa Moraes do
Campos, Mauro [UNIFESP]
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Objective: To evaluate the results of conventional (Ladar, Alcon) and customized (LADARWave, Alcon) retreatment in eyes undergoing conventional primary LASIK. Methods: Retrospective revision of consecutive clinical report forms of 38 eyes of 38 patients who underwent LASIK retreatment for myopia and astigmatism. The operated eyes were divided into two equal groups. In the first was performed customized retreatment and, in the other, conventional retreatment. The following variables were compared: high contrast visual acuity and manifest refraction. The visual quality was estimated and compared using subjective survey offered to patients. Results: There was no statistical difference between the groups when comparing the variables studied. The spherical equivalent after retreatment was 0.36 in the conventional group and 0.47 in the custom (p = 0.079). Snelen visual acuity was 0.91 and 0.87, respectively (p = 0.07). The preoperative total aberrations was higher than the postoperative period in custom group (p < 0.001). In the conventional group there was no difference for any aberration evaluated. Complaints of glare (p = 0.117), photophobia (p = 0.987) and vision fluctuation (p = 0.545) were statistically similar between the two groups. Conclusion: Comparing the custom and conventional surgery for primary LASIK retreatment with LADAR, Alcon, there was no statistical difference in the quantity and quality of vision. Nevertheless, there was a higher percentage of patients with complaints in relation to the visual quality in the group undergoing conventional surgery. Custom surgery seems to have greater capacity to reduce the total aberrations than conventional.
Revista Brasileira De Oftalmologia. Rio De Janeiro: Soc Brasileira Oftalmologia, v. 70, n. 3, p. 162-167, 2011.