Perceptions of Depressed Patients on Depressive Disorder and Antidepressant Treatment: Elements for the Clarification of Pharmaceutical Care

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Marques, Luciene Alves Moreira [UNIFESP]
Galduróz, José Carlos Fernandes [UNIFESP]
Noto, Ana Regina [UNIFESP]
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To investigate the perceptions of those with depression regarding their condition and treatment and discuss these findings in the light of the pharmacist's role in mental health. This is a qualitative end quantitative study. The study was based on mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative, within the public health network, in 2 health care units of different cities between April 2010 and August 2011; 89 female patients were selected, and 68 agreed to participate in the study. Most women reported feelings of loneliness, abandonment and discouragement, and they think their problems with personal relationships cause depression. They also affirmed that they had little information about the disorder, but had positive expectations regarding improvement in symptoms. Around half of the patients said they had no support from their families. Some patients reported some bias in relation to antidepressants, which might directly impact adherence to treatment. The pharmacists should take into consideration the beliefs of depressed patients when providing pharmaceutical care (PC) to them, because these beliefs may affect the effectiveness of the treatment.
Latin American Journal Of Pharmacy. La Plata: Colegio Farmaceuticos Provincia De Buenos Aires, v. 31, n. 6, p. 869-876, 2012.