Feelings of powerlessness and hope for cure in patients with chronic lower-limb ulcers

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Salomé, Geraldo Magela
Alves, Suellen Garcia
Costa, Viviane Ferreira
Pereira, Vanessa Rosa
Ferreira, Lydia Masako [UNIFESP]
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Objective: To assess feelings of powerlessness and hope for cure in patients with chronic venous leg ulcers (VLUs) and diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). lMethod: A clinical, analytical, descriptive study was conducted from April to September 2012 in a wound-care clinic in Brazil, on consecutive patients presenting with VLUs and DFUs. The Powerlessness Assessment Tool for Adult Patients (PAT) and the Herth Hope Index (HHI) were used. Total PAT scores range 12-60 and the higher the score, the stronger the feelings of powerlessness. The HHI ranges 12-48, with higher scores indicating higher levels of hopeResults: In total, 80 consecutive patients were recruited (40 VLU and 40 DFU). Mean PAT score was 53.3 +/- 9.6 (range 21-60) for DFU patients and 34.3 +/- 7.7 (range 21-60; p=0.001) for VLU patients, suggesting these individuals had strong feelings of powerlessness. The mean HHI was 16.5 +/- 16.5 (range 12-40) for DFU patients and 27.5 +/- 27.5 (range 12-40; p=0.001) for patients with VLUs, indicating low levels of hope.Conclusion: The results suggest that patients with DFUs had stronger feelings of powerlessness regarding their condition and less hope of recovery compared with patients with VLUs.
Journal Of Wound Care. London: Ma Healthcare Ltd, v. 22, n. 6, p. 300-304, 2013.