Rapid dissemination of an unsuspected colon adenocarcinoma after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: report of a case and review of the literature

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Azevedo, J. [UNIFESP]
Matos, Delcio [UNIFESP]
Ricci, M. [UNIFESP]
Azevedo, O. [UNIFESP]
Mangabeira, A. [UNIFESP]
Porto, P. [UNIFESP]
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Although pare, neoplasms seeding at trocar sites after laparoscopic procedures has been increasingly reported. This case refers a 68-years-old woman with a metastatic seeding of a missed colon cancer at the laparoscopic umbilical trocar site, eight months after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, There was a umbilical mass protruded through a 4,5 cm hernial ring, under the operative scar of the laparoscopic port. it was found to have a hard, apparently fibrous tissue around the hernial ring. Biopsies of this tissue were taken and the hernial ring was repaired. Histopathological examination showed metastatic adenocarcinoma probably from digestive tract. Colonoscopy showed a 2 cm lesion at hepatic flexure. Histological tests revealed well differentiated adenocarcinoma. There was diffuse peritoneal carcinomatosis.
International College Of Surgeons - Xx European Federation Congress. 40128 Bologna: Monduzzi Editore, p. 69-73, 1997.