Effects of acupuncture and moxa treatment in patients with semen abnormalities

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Gurfinkel, Edson [UNIFESP]
Cedenho, Agnaldo Pereira [UNIFESP]
Yamamura, Ysao [UNIFESP]
Srougi, Miguel [UNIFESP]
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Aim: To evaluate the effect of Chinese Traditional Medicine, acupuncture and moxa treatment, on the semen quality in patients with semen abnormalities. Methods: In a prospective, controlled and blind study, nineteen patients, aged 24 years similar to 42 years and married for 3 years similar to 11 years without children with semen abnormalities in concentration, morphology and/or progressive motility without apparent cause, were randomized into two groups and submitted to acupuncture and moxa treatment at the therapeutic (Study Group) and the indifferent points (Control Group), respectively, for 10 weeks. Semen analyses were performed before and after the treatment course. Results: The patients of the Study Group presented a significant increase in the percentage of normal-form sperm compared to the Control Group (calculated U = 16.0, critical U = 17.0). Conclusion: The Chinese Traditional Medicine acupuncture and moxa techniques significantly increase the percentage of normal-form sperm in infertile patients with oligoastenoteratozoospermia without apparent cause. (Asian J Androl 2003 Dec; 5: 345-348).
Asian Journal Of Andrology. Beijing: Science China Press, v. 5, n. 4, p. 345-348, 2003.