Rupturas e transformações na vida de jovens acompanhados em um CAPS adulto na cidade de São Paulo

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Milhomens, Aline Ernandes [UNIFESP]
Martin, Denise [UNIFESP]
Dissertação de mestrado
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This thesis aims to reach the transformations and disruptions caused in the life of young people who passed through the experience of psychic suffering and were followed up by one Centre of Psychosocial Attention (CAPS) for adults in São Paulo city. This reseach is typified as qualitative, conducted through the ethnographic method. The field work was held by following the "Grupo Jovens", a group that was created at one CAPS for adults located in Cidade Tiradentes district. The study of the group had taken place for nine consecutive months at weekly meetings and observational techniques were used on each participant, registered in a field work notebook and individual interviews through a script of questions. The interviews were conducted in two stages, in the first, the goal was to link the questions related to the therapeutic itinerary, to the experience of psychic suffering and perspectives of the adult life. The second stage focused on the use of free time, everyday routines and leisure activities. All interviews were recorded, trascripted and, posteriorly, organized in analysis categories. The analysis of the content and of the field work diary was given by the perspective of psychosocial rehabilitation and by social sciences. Through this it was possible to reach the living experience of these teenagers in what concerns to the pre, during and post psychic crisis, enabling a better comprehension about the process of transition to their adult lives. It has also been taken into consideration that the disruptions and transformations of themselves and their life contexts given by the psychic crisis had not kept them stagnated, once the new life configurations were constituted, nevertheless, with damages in what concerns to sociability, professional insertion and autonomy of their lives. CAPS came up as a service of big support and trustworthiness for the moments of crisis, assistance, medications and even for casual talk, filling in, in some cases, for the socializing place of these teenagers.
MILHOMENS, Aline Ernandes. Rupturas e transformações na vida de jovens acompanhados em um CAPS adulto na cidade de São Paulo. 2016. Dissertação (Mestrado em em Saúde Coletiva) – Escola Paulista de Medicina, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, 2016.