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  • A validated model for the 22-item Sino-Nasal Outcome Test subdomain structure in chronic rhinosinusitis 

    Feng, Allen L.; Wesely, Nicholas C.; Hoehle, Lloyd P.; Phillips, Katie M.; Yamasaki, Alisa; Campbell, Adam P.; Gregorio, Luciano L. [UNIFESP]; Killeen, Thomas E.; Caradonna, David S.; Meier, Josh C.; Gray, Stacey T.; Sedaghat, Ahmad R. (Wiley, 2017)
    BackgroundPrevious studies have identified subdomains of the 22-item Sino-Nasal Outcome Test (SNOT-22), reflecting distinct and largely independent categories of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) symptoms. However, no study has ...
  • Benefits of Manometer in Non-Invasive Ventilatory Support 

    Lacerda, Rodrigo Silva; Anastacio de Lima, Fernando Cesar; Bastos, Leonardo Pereira; Vinco, Anderson Fardin; Azevedo Schneider, Felipe Britto; Coelho, Yves Luduvico; Costa Fernandes, Heitor Gomes; Ramos Bacalhau, Joao Marcus; Simonelli Bermudes, Igor Matheus; da Silva, Claudinei Ferreira; da Silva, Luiza Paterlini; Pezato, Rogerio [UNIFESP] (Cambridge Univ Press, 2017)
    Introduction: Effective ventilation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is essential to reduce morbidity and mortality rates in cardiac arrest. Hyperventilation during CPR reduces the efficiency of compressions and ...
  • Impact of adenotonsillectomy on vocal emission in children 

    Dimatos, Spyros Cardoso [UNIFESP]; Neves, Luciano Rodrigues [UNIFESP]; Beltrame, Jessica Monique [UNIFESP]; Azevedo, Renata Rangel [UNIFESP]; Nagata Pignatari, Shirley Shizue [UNIFESP] (Assoc Brasileira Otorrinolaringologia & Cirurgia Cervicofacial, 2016)
    Introduction: Adenotonsillectomy is the most common surgery performed by otolaryngologists in pediatric age, and one of the most frequently asked questions about the postoperative period is whether there is a potential for ...
  • Topical therapy with high-volume budesonide nasal irrigations in difficult-to-treat chronic rhinosinusitis 

    Kosugi, Eduardo Macoto [UNIFESP]; Moussalem, Guilherme Figner [UNIFESP]; Simoes, Juliana Caminha [UNIFESP]; Felici de Souza, Rafael de Paula e Silva [UNIFESP]; Chen, Vitor Guo [UNIFESP]; Neto, Paulo Saraceni [UNIFESP]; Mendes Neto, Jose Arruda [UNIFESP] (Assoc Brasileira Otorrinolaringologia & Cirurgia Cervicofacial, 2016)
    Introduction: Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is termed difficult-to-treat when patients do not reach acceptable level of control despite adequate surgery, intranasal corticosteroid treatment and up to 2 short courses of ...
  • Prognostic and Evolutive Factors of Tinnitus Triggered by Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss 

    Nogueira-Neto, Francisco Bazilio [UNIFESP]; Gallardo, Fernanda Pires; de Barros Suzuki, Flavia Alencar; Penido, Norma de Oliveira (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2016)
    Introduction: The association between sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) and tinnitus is frequent. Its correlation with the auditory prognosis remains controversial. The objective of the study is to evaluate tinnitus ...
  • Vocal Tract Discomfort and Risk Factors in University Teachers 

    Korn, Gustavo Polacow [UNIFESP]; de Lima Pontes, Antonio Augusto [UNIFESP]; Abranches, Denise [UNIFESP]; de Lima Pontes, Paulo Augusto [UNIFESP] (Mosby-Elsevier, 2016)
    Objectives. To characterize the presence of and risk factors for throat pain or irritation among male and female university teachers in private institutions within the city of Sao Paulo. Study Design. This is a cross-sectional ...
  • Vestibular migraine: clinical and epidemiological aspects 

    Goncalves Morganti, Ligia Oliveira [UNIFESP]; Salmito, Marcio Cavalcante [UNIFESP]; Duarte, Juliana Antoniolli [UNIFESP]; Sumi, Karina Cavalcanti [UNIFESP]; Simoes, Juliana Caminha [UNIFESP]; Gananca, Fernando Freitas [UNIFESP] (Assoc Brasileira Otorrinolaringologia & Cirurgia Cervicofacial, 2016)
    Introduction: Vestibular migraine (VM) is one of the most often common diagnoses in neurotology, but only recently has been recognized as a disease. Objective: To analyze the clinical and epidemiological profile of patients ...
  • The future ... to whom it belongs? 

    Abrahao, Marcio [UNIFESP] (Assoc Brasileira Otorrinolaringologia & Cirurgia Cervicofacial, 2016)
  • Imaging Case of the Month An Unusual Complication of Stapes Surgery 

    Da Costa, Sady Selaimen; Sperling, Neil; Mendonca Cruz, Oswaldo Laercio [UNIFESP]; Setogutti, Enio Tadashi (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2016)
  • Intratumor Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity in Combined Laser-Induced Thermal Therapy for Cancer Treatment 

    Palumbo, Marcel N. [UNIFESP]; Cervantes, Onivaldo [UNIFESP]; Eugenio, Cecilia [UNIFESP]; Hortense, Flavia T. P. [UNIFESP]; Ribeiro, Joao C. [UNIFESP]; Paolini, Ana Amelia P.; Tedesco, Antonio C.; Sercarz, Joel A.; Paiva, Marcos B. [UNIFESP] (Wiley, 2017)
    Introduction: Thermal ablation of tumors by Nd:YAG laser has been growing as a multidisciplinary subspecialty defined as laser-induced thermal therapy (LITT), and has been increasingly accepted as a minimally invasive ...
  • Otologic manifestations of Larsen syndrome 

    de Sousa Marques, Leticia Helena; Martins, Daniela Vieira; Juares, Gabriel Liria; Moura Lorenzetti, Fabio Tadeu; Monsanto, Rafael da Costa [UNIFESP] (Elsevier Ireland Ltd, 2017)
    Objective: To describe and discuss otologic manifestations of Larsen syndrome, based on a case report and a systematic review of the literature. Materials and methods: We performed a PubMED database search, and we selected ...
  • Immune response of patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis challenged with a symbiotic 

    Martins Mimura, Maria Angela [UNIFESP]; Borra, Ricardo Carneiro; Watashi Hirata, Cleonice Hitomi [UNIFESP]; Penido, Norma de Oliveira [UNIFESP] (Wiley, 2017)
    Background: There are indications that Th1 polarization of immune response plays an important role in the pathogenesis of recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), and that the use of probiotics can stimulate immune regulatory ...
  • The Effect of Citalopram Versus a Placebo on Central Auditory Processing in the Elderly 

    Polanski, Jose Fernando [UNIFESP]; Soares, Alexandra Dezani [UNIFESP]; Pereira, Liliane Desgualdo [UNIFESP]; de Mendonca Cruz, Oswaldo Laercio [UNIFESP] (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2017)
    Objective: Evaluate the effects of therapy with citalopram on the central auditory processing in the elderly measured by central auditory tests. Study Design: Prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. ...
  • Positive Association between Tinnitus and Arterial Hypertension 

    Figueiredo, Ricardo Rodrigues [UNIFESP]; Azevedo, Andreia Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Penido, Norma de Oliveira [UNIFESP] (Frontiers Media Sa, 2016)
    Introduction: Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the absence of an external source and is considered by most authors as a multifactorial symptom. A systematic review concerning the association of tinnitus and systemic ...
  • Is the occurrence of spontaneous epistaxis related to climatic variables? A retrospective clinical, epidemiological and meteorological study 

    Mangussi-Gomes, João Paulo [UNIFESP]; Enout, Mariana Junqueira Reis [UNIFESP]; Castro, Thaiana Carneiro de [UNIFESP]; Andrade, José Santos Cruz de [UNIFESP]; Penido, Norma de Oliveira [UNIFESP]; Kosugi, Eduardo Macoto [UNIFESP] (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2016)
    Conclusion: Epistaxis has a bimodal age distribution. Anterior epistaxis of mild severity is more common in children
  • Aerobic exercise in polluted urban environments: effects on airway defense mechanisms in young healthy amateur runners 

    Sá, Matheus Cavalcante de [UNIFESP]; Nakagawa, Naomi Kondo; Saldiva de Andre, Carmen Diva; Carvalho-Oliveira, Regiani; Carvalho, Tamas de Santana; Nicola, Marina Lazzari; de Andre, Paulo Afonso; Nascimento Saldiva, Paulo Hilario; Vaisberg, Mauro [UNIFESP] (Iop Publishing Ltd, 2016)
    In this study, the effects of aerobic exercise on the upper airways and their defense mechanisms were investigated in athletes. The athletes ran in two different environments: the downtown streets of the city of Sao Paulo ...
  • Resection of the ethmoidal crest in sphenopalatine artery surgery 

    Neto, Paulo Saraceni [UNIFESP]; Nunes, Leonardo Mendes Acatauassu [UNIFESP]; Caparroz, Fábio de Azevedo [UNIFESP]; Gregorio, Luciano Lobato [UNIFESP]; Souza, Rafael de Paula e Silva Felice de [UNIFESP]; Simoes, Juliana Caminha [UNIFESP]; Kosugi, Eduardo Macoto [UNIFESP] (Wiley, 2017)
    Background: In severe cases of epistaxis, in spite of several procedures described in the literature for its management, surgical treatment has been recognized by most authors as 1 of the most effective, especially when ...
  • Active middle-ear implant fixation in an unusual place: clinical and audiological outcomes 

    Polanski, Jose Fernando [UNIFESP]; Soares, A. D. [UNIFESP]; Santos, Z. M. dos [UNIFESP]; Cruz, Oswaldo Laércio Mendonça [UNIFESP] (Cambridge Univ Press, 2016)
    Objective: The Vibrant Soundbridge is an active middle-ear implant for hearing rehabilitation that is usually placed in the long process of the incus or round window. This study reports on the unusual implant attachment ...
  • Effects of Vestibular Rehabilitation on Balance Control in Older People with Chronic Dizziness A Randomized Clinical Trial 

    Ricci, Natalia Aquaroni [UNIFESP]; Aratani, Mayra Cristina [UNIFESP]; Caovilla, Heloisa Helena [UNIFESP]; Ganança, Fernando Freitas [UNIFESP] (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2016)
    Objective The aim of this study was to compare the effects of vestibular rehabilitation protocols on balance control in elderly with dizziness. Design This is a randomized clinical trial with 3-mo follow-up period. The ...
  • Tinnitus and sound intolerance: evidence and experience of a Brazilian group 

    Onishi, Ektor Tsuneo [UNIFESP]; Coelho, Claudia Couto de Barros; Oiticica, Jeanne; Figueiredo, Ricardo Rodrigues; Guimaraes, Rita de Cassia Cassou; Sanchez, Tanit Ganz; Gurtler, Adriana Lima; Venosa, Alessandra Ramos; Sampaio, Andre Luiz Lopes; Azevedo, Andreia Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Pires, Anna Paula Batista de Avila; Barros, Bruno Borges de Carvalho [UNIFESP]; Oliveira, Carlos Augusto Costa Pires de; Saba, Clarice; Yonamine, Fernando Kaoru [UNIFESP]; Medeiros, Italo Roberto Torres de; Rosito, Leticia Petersen Schmidt; Rates, Marcelo Jose Abras; Kii, Marcia Akemi; Favero, Mariana Lopes; Santos, Monica Alcantara de Oliveira; Person, Osmar Clayton; Ciminelli, Patricia; Marcondes, Renata de Almeida; Moreira, Ronaldo Kennedy de Paula; Torres, Sandro de Menezes Santos (Assoc Brasileira Otorrinolaringologia & Cirurgia Cervicofacial, 2018)
    Introduction: Tinnitus and sound intolerance are frequent and subjective complaints that may have an impact on a patient's quality of life. Objective: To present a review of the salient points including concepts, ...

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