Pericardial Fat Is Associated with Coronary Artery Calcification in Non-Dialysis Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

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Harada, Paulo H. N.
Canziani, Maria Eugênia Fernandes [UNIFESP]
Lima, Leonardo M.
Kamimura, Maria Ayako [UNIFESP]
Rochitte, Carlos E.
Lemos, Marcelo M. [UNIFESP]
Cuppari, Lilian [UNIFESP]
Kalil Filho, Roberto
Draibe, Sergio Antonio [UNIFESP]
Santos, Raul D.
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Pericardial fat (PF) a component of visceral adipose tissue has been consistently related to coronary atherosclerosis in the general population. This study evaluated the association between PF and coronary artery calcification (CAC) in non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. This is a post-hoc cross sectional analysis of the baseline of a prospective cohort of 117 outward CKD patients without manifest coronary artery disease (age, 56.9 +/- 11.0 years, 64.1% males, 95.1% hypertensives, 25.2% diabetics, 15.5% ever smokers, CKD stage 2 to 5 with estimated glomerular filtration rate 36.8 +/- 18.1 ml/min). CAC scores, PF volume and abdominal visceral fat (AVF) areas were measured by computed tomography. the association of PF as a continuous variable with the presence of CAC was analyzed by multivariate logistic regression. CAC (calcium score >0) was present in 59.2% patients. Those presenting CAC were on average 10 years older, had a higher proportion of male gender (78.7% vs. 42.9%, p<0.001), and had higher values of waist circumference (95.9 +/- 10.7 vs. 90.2 +/- 13.2 cm, p=0.02), PF volumes (224.8 +/- 107.6 vs. 139.1 +/- 85.0 cm(3), p<0.01) and AVF areas (109.2 +/- 81.5 vs. 70.2 +/- 62.9 cm(2), p=0.01). in the multivariate analysis, adjusting for age, gender, diabetes, smoking and, left ventricular concentric hypertrophy, PF was significantly associated with the presence of CAC (OR: 1.88 95% CI: 1.03-3.43 per standard deviation). PF remained associated with CAC even with additional adjustments for estimated glomerular filtration rate or serum phosphorus (OR: 1.85 95% CI: 1.00-3.42, p=0.05). PF is independently associated with CAC in non-dialysis dependent CKD patients.
Plos One. San Francisco: Public Library Science, v. 9, n. 12, 15 p., 2014.