Research Priorities for Article 14-Demand Reduction Measures Concerning Tobacco Dependence and Cessation

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McRobbie, Hayden
Raw, Martin [UNIFESP]
Chan, Sophia
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Introduction: Tobacco dependence treatment (TDT) interventions are often seen as expensive with little impact on the prevalence of tobacco use. However, activities that promote the cessation of tobacco use and support abstinence have an important role in any comprehensive tobacco control program and as such are recognized within Article 14 (A14) of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.Objectives: To review current evidence for TDT and recommend research priorities that will contribute to more people being helped to stop tobacco use.Methods: We used the recommendations within the A14 guidelines to guide a review of current evidence and best practice for promotion of tobacco cessation and TDT, identify gaps, and propose research priorities.Results: We identified nine areas for future research (a) understanding current tobacco use and the effect of policy on behavior, (b) promoting cessation of tobacco use, (c) implementation of TDT guidelines, (d) increasing training capacity, (e) enhancing population-based TDT interventions, (f) treatment for different types of tobacco use, (g) supply of low-cost pharmaceutical devices/products, (h) investigation use of nonpharmaceutical devices/products, and (i) refinement of current TDTs. Specific research topics are suggested within each of these areas and recognize the differences needed between high- and low-/middle-income countries.Conclusions: Research should be prioritized toward examining interventions that (a) promote cessation of tobacco use, (b) assist health care workers provide better help to smokers (e.g., through implementation of guidelines and training), (c) enhance population-based TDT interventions, and (d) assist people to cease the use of other tobacco products.
Nicotine & Tobacco Research. Oxford: Oxford Univ Press, v. 15, n. 4, p. 805-816, 2013.