The use of Digital Sound in Health

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Labrada, Luis
Pereira, Samaris Ramiro [UNIFESP]
Bandiera-Paiva, Paulo [UNIFESP]
Mantas, J.
Hasman, A.
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With the advent of computing and micro computing, several applications based on Digital Sound have emerged around the world. Much analog equipment and electronics have gained new functions due to evolution and the low cost of microprocessors and integrated circuits. the rapidly expanding user community of such equipment allowed the advancement of research and development of numerous applications in which the Digital Sound participates actively, including, tests, treatments and therapies. in addition to solutions for use in laboratories, clinics and hospitals, there emerged devices for domestic use and handling, enabling faster dissemination and exploitation of advances, and providing the necessary feedback in the evolution of technologies applied. the massive use of Digital Sound encouraged research involving frequency bands used widely in health equipment (infrasounds and ultrasounds). Through the methodology of literature review, this paper seeks to explain the evolution of different applications of Digital Sound in Health, as well as indicate future research.
Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare. Amsterdam: Ios Press, v. 190, p. 132-134, 2013.