A simple and effective air shotgun for collecting small birds and other vertebrates at close range

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Amaral, Fabio Raposo do
Piacentini, Vitor de Q.
Brito, Guilherme R. R.
Curcio, Felipe F.
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Scientific collections are important sources of material for many areas of ornithological research. Although firearms (particularly shotguns) have been the standard for avian scientific collecting for more than 100 years, their use is restricted in many areas of the world. We describe a cheap, relatively silent, and effective air shotgun for collecting birds weighing up to 50 g at distances up to 4 m. This air shotgun is capable of shooting birdshot, uses hollow metal rivets connected to plastic straws as shot shells, and represents a simple adaptation of any 0.177 or 0.22 cal single-shot, break-barrel air rifle with at least 25 joules of muzzle energy. This air shotgun will be especially useful for focused sampling of birds (and other small vertebrates) in situations where firearm use or transport is restricted.
Journal of Field Ornithology. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, v. 83, n. 4, p. 403-406, 2012.