Effectiveness of a Hospital School Mathematics Literacy Program

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Covic, Amalia Neide [UNIFESP]
Kanemoto, Eduardo [UNIFESP]
Bastos, Andre Covic
Quintana, Y.
Villalobos, A. V.
May, D.
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To receive treatment for cancer, patients in Brazil often travel to larger hospitals that may be located far away from their families and communities. Pediatric patients miss time in the classroom and may achieve educational milestones later than other students. They may also struggle with some educational topics after receiving certain types of cancer treatment. the Hospital School at the GRAACC helps to close this education gap by providing educational support to school-age students receiving treatment for cancer. in addition to providing educational services during treatment, teachers at the hospital school, Mobile School -Specific Student (EMAE). the objective of this preliminary study is to build knowledge about the impact of school enrollment on mathematics literacy in hospitalized cancer patients undergoing treatment. We followed 15-year-old patients (n = 54) with at last 1 year inside the hospital school for a period of 8 years (2001-2008). Study participants were affected by a variety of diseases including bone tumors (n = 39), Hodgkin lymphoma (n = 08) and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (n = 07). the level of participants' mathematical literacy was regularly assessed by reviewing the results of formative assessments completed by students. Using that information, students were grouped into categories according to mathematics literacy levels established by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). the formative assessment is based on the analysis of all the material produced by the student and the EMAE teacher across the years of the study, including the recordings of working meetings that were held with all the teachers every class day.
Advancing Cancer Education and Healthy Living in Our Communities: Putting Visions and Innovations Into Action. Amsterdam: Ios Press, v. 172, p. 168-173, 2012.