Improved Rejection Prophylaxis With an Initially Intensified Dosing Regimen of Enteric-Coated Mycophenolate Sodium in de Novo Renal Transplant Recipients

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Budde, Klemens
Tedesco-Silva, Helio [UNIFESP]
Arns, Wolfgang
Shoker, Ahmed
Zeier, Martin
Klinger, Marian
Rosales, Beatriz
Walker, Rowan
Prestele, Hans
Vaidya, Soniya
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Background. Approximately half of cyclosporine A-treated renal transplant recipients do not reach sufficient mycophenolic acid (MPA) exposure in the first weeks posttransplantation with standard MPA dosing regimens.Methods. Here, we present a prospectively planned meta-analysis of data from two 6-month parallel-run studies that evaluated the effect of an initially intensified versus standard dosing regimen of enteric-coated mycophenolate sodium (EC-MPS). Four hundred forty-one de novo renal transplant recipients were randomized (1:1) to intensified (2 weeks 2880 mg/d; subsequently 4 weeks 2160 mg/d; followed by 1440 mg/d) or standard (1440 mg/d) EC-MPS, with con-comitant cyclosporine A treatment and steroids with or without anti-IL-2R induction. Primary endpoint was treatment failure (biopsy-proven acute rejection [BPAR], graft loss, or death) at month 6 posttransplantation.Results. Treatment failure rates were 17.4% in intensified and 22.4% in standard groups (P=0.110). the incidence of BPAR was 13.8% (intensified) vs. 19.3% (standard; P=0.034). A total of 80.5% (intensified) versus 39.0% (standard) of patients achieved 12 hr MPA-area under the curve more than 30 mu as early as day 3 posttransplant. Renal function, gastrointestinal symptom rating scores, and safety profiles were comparable between treatment groups.Conclusion. the initially intensified EC-MPS dosing regimen was associated with higher MPA exposure, significantly lower rate of BPAR, and comparable safety. However, the intensified regimen did not affect graft function or survival.
Transplantation. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, v. 92, n. 3, p. 321-327, 2011.