Anxiety and Depression in Brazilian Orthopaedics Inpatients: A Cross Sectional Study with a Clinical Sample Comparison

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Moraes, Vinicius Ynoe de [UNIFESP]
Jorge, Miguel Roberto [UNIFESP]
Faloppa, Flavio [UNIFESP]
Belloti, Joao Carlos [UNIFESP]
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There are few studies on the development of anxiety and depression in orthopaedics and trauma (O&T) inpatients. We designed a cross-sectional study aimed at comparing the prevalence of depression and anxiety in 100 O&T inpatients and 100 clinical inpatients in the same hospital. O&T patients were divided into subgroups: trauma and non-trauma (arthroplasty, tumour, and infection sub grouping). We measured anxiety and depression by the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and co-morbidities by the Charlson age-adjusted comorbidity index (CCI). for the trauma subgroup, AO/OTA fracture classification and Gustillo and Anderson grade of open fractures classification was applied. the prevalence of anxiety and depression was 35% and 28%, respectively for the clinical sample, and 44% and 33% for the O&T sample. Compared with the clinical sample, anxiety scores were higher in the O&T sample (p = .047), and in arthroplasty (p = .020) and trauma subgroups (p = .031). in the O&T sample, high CCI scores were associated with high anxiety scores (p = .033).
Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. New York: Springer/plenum Publishers, v. 17, n. 1, p. 31-37, 2010.