Speech Evaluation After Palatal Augmentation in Patients Undergoing Glossectomy

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Carvalho-Teles, Viviane de
Sennes, Luiz Ubirajara
Gielow, Ingrid [UNIFESP]
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Objective: To assess, in patients undergoing glossectomy, the influence of the palatal augmentation prosthesis on the speech intelligibility and acoustic spectrographic characteristics of the formants of oral vowels in Brazilian Portuguese, specifically the first 3 formants (F1 [/a,e,u/], F2 [/o,o,u/], and F3 [/a,o/]).Design: Speech evaluation with and without a palatal augmentation prosthesis using blinded randomized listener judgments.Setting: Tertiary referral center.Patients: Thirty-six patients (33 men and 3 women) aged 30 to 80 (mean [SD], 53.9 [10.5]) years underwent glossectomy (14, total glossectomy; 12, total glossectomy and partial mandibulectomy; 6, hemiglossectomy; and 4, subtotal glossectomy) with use of the augmentation prosthesis for at least 3 months before inclusion in the study.Main Outcome Measures: Spontaneous speech intel-ligibility (assessed by expert listeners using a 4-category scale) and spectrographic formants assessment.Results: We found a statistically significant improvement of spontaneous speech intelligibility and the average number of correctly identified syllables with the use of the prosthesis (P < .05). Statistically significant differences occurred for the F1 values of the vowels /a,e,u/; for F2 values, there was a significant difference of the vowels /o,o,u/; and for F3 values, there was a significant difference of the vowels la,61 (P < .001).Conclusions: the palatal augmentation prosthesis improved the intelligibility of spontaneous speech and syllables for patients who underwent glossectomy. It also increased the F2 and F3 values for all vowels and the F I values for the vowels /o,o,u/. This effect brought the values of many vowel formants closer to normal.
Archives of Otolaryngology-head & Neck Surgery. Chicago: Amer Medical Assoc, v. 134, n. 10, p. 1066-1070, 2008.