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    • Alternative Methods to Animal Studies for the Evaluation of Topical/Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems 

      Junqueira Garcia, Maria Teresa [UNIFESP]; Lopes de Vasconcellos, Fabia Leal [UNIFESP]; Raffier, Chloe Patricia; Roberts, Michael Stephen; Grice, Jeffrey Ernest; Elizabeth Benson, Heather Ann; Leite-Silva, Vania Rodrigues [UNIFESP] (Bentham Science Publ Ltd, 2018)
      It is critical to develop an effective understanding of the interaction between the drug, delivery system and skin in order to predict and assess skin penetration and permeation. Experimental models for the assessment of ...
    • Incorporation of bioactive glass in calcium phosphate cement: An evaluation 

      Renno, Ana Claudia Muniz [UNIFESP]; van de Watering, F. C. J.; Nejadnik, M. R.; Crovace, Murilo Camuri; Zanotto, Edgar Dutra; Wolke, J. G. C.; Jansen, J. A.; van den Beucken, Jeroen J. J. P. (Elsevier B.V., 2013-03-01)
      Bioactive glasses (BGs) are known for their unique ability to bond to living bone. Consequently, the incorporation of BGs into calcium phosphate cement (CPC) was hypothesized to be a feasible approach to improve the ...