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    • The EAACI/GA(2)LEN/EDF/WAO Guideline for the definition, classification, diagnosis, and management of urticaria: the 2013 revision and update 

      Zuberbier, T.; Aberer, W.; Asero, R.; Bindslev-Jensen, C.; Brzoza, Z.; Canonica, G. W.; Church, M. K.; Ensina, L. F. [UNIFESP]; Gimenez-Arnau, A.; Godse, K.; Goncalo, M.; Grattan, C.; Hebert, J.; Hide, M.; Kaplan, A.; Kapp, A.; Latiff, A. H. Abdul; Mathelier-Fusade, P.; Metz, M.; Nast, A.; Saini, S. S.; Sanchez-Borges, M.; Schmid-Grendelmeier, P.; Simons, F. E. R.; Staubach, P.; Sussman, G.; Toubi, E.; Vena, G. A.; Wedi, B.; Zhu, X. J.; Maurer, M. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014-07-01)
      This guideline is the result of a systematic literature review using the 'Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation' (GRADE) methodology and a structured consensus conference held on 28 and 29 ...

    • Urticaria unresponsive to antihistaminic treatment: An open study of therapeutic options based on histopathologic features 

      Criado, Roberta F. J.; Criado, Paulo Ricardo; Martins, Jose Eduardo C.; Valente, Neusa Y. S.; Michalany, Nilceo Schwery [UNIFESP]; Vasconcellos, Cidia (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2008-01-01)
      Background: the non- or low-sedating H1 receptor antagonists represent the basic therapy for urticaria. Objective: To test an alternative approach to patients unresponsive to conventional treatment. Materials and methods: ...