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    • Characterization of Novel O-Glycans Isolated from Tear and Saliva of Ocular Rosacea Patients 

      Ozcan, Sureyya; An, Hyun Joo; Vieira, Ana C. [UNIFESP]; Park, Gun Wook; Kim, Jae Han; Mannis, Mark J.; Lebrilla, Carlito B. (Amer Chemical Soc, 2013-03-01)
      O-Glycans in saliva and tear isolated from patients suffering from ocular rosacea, a form of inflammatory ocular surface disease, were profiled, and their structures were elucidated using high resolution mass spectrometry. ...

    • Glycomic Analysis of Tear and Saliva in Ocular Rosacea Patients: The Search for a Biomarker 

      Vieira, Ana Carolina [UNIFESP]; An, Hyun Joo; Ozcan, Sureyya; Kim, Jae-Han; Lebrilla, Carlito B.; Mannis, Mark J. (Ethis Communicatins, Inc, 2012-07-01)
      The purpose of this study was to study changes in glycosylation in tear and saliva obtained from control and ocular rosacea patients in order to identify potential biomarkers for rosacea. Tear fluid was collected from 51 ...