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    • Psychopharmacology and psychotherapy for the treatment of adults with ADHD-a systematic review of available meta-analyses 

      Moriyama, Tais S. [UNIFESP]; Polanczyk, Guilherme V.; Terzi, Fernanda S.; Faria, Kauy M.; Rohde, Luis A. (Cambridge Univ Press, 2013-12-01)
      Objective/Introduction Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adult life is a prevalent condition. We systematically reviewed the literature available by searching for meta-analyses assessing pharmacological ...

    • Theory of Mind in Substance Users: A Systematic Minireview 

      Sanvicente-Vieira, Breno; Romani-Sponchiado, Aline; Kluwe-Schiavon, Bruno; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP]; Araujo, Renata Brasil; Grassi-Oliveira, Rodrigo (Taylor & Francis Inc, 2017)
      Background: Theory of mind concerns the sociocognitive ability to infer others' thoughts. It has been theorized to be impaired in substance use and abuse, as its alterations might explain negative social and interpersonal ...