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    • Apolipoprotein A-V gene polymorphism -1131T > C and Alzheimer's disease 

      Barbosa, Fabio Augusto Freiria; Labio, Roger Willian de; Rigolin, Valdeci Oliveira Santos [UNIFESP]; Minett, Thaís Soares Cianciarullo [UNIFESP]; Bertolucci, Paulo Henrique Ferreira [UNIFESP]; Smith, Marilia de Arruda Cardoso [UNIFESP]; Payão, Spencer Luiz Marques [UNIFESP] (Ios Press, 2006-12-01)
      Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder in the elderly and is also considered a progeroid genetic syndrome. The etiology of AD is complex and the mechanisms underlying its pathophysiology ...

    • Association of increased levels of homocysteine and peripheral arterial disease in a Japanese-Brazilian population 

      Garofolo, Luciana [UNIFESP]; Barros, Newton [UNIFESP]; Miranda Junior, Fausto [UNIFESP]; D'Almeida, Vânia [UNIFESP]; Cardien, L. C. [UNIFESP]; Ferreira, S. R. (W B Saunders Co Ltd, 2007-07-01)
      Objectives. Our aim was to evaluate the possible association between homocysteine levels and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in a population-based study of Japanese-Brazilians.Materials and methods. This cross-sectional ...

    • Epidemiology of bacteremia and factors associated with multi-drug-resistant gram-negative bacteremia in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients 

      Oliveira, A. L.; Souza, M. de; Carvalho-Dias, V. M. H.; Ruiz, M. A.; Silla, L.; Tanaka, P. Yurie; Simoes, B. P.; Trabasso, P.; Seber, Adriana [UNIFESP]; Lotfi, C. J.; Zanichelli, Maria A.; Araujo, V. R.; Godoy, C.; Maiolino, Angelo; Urakawa, P.; Cunha, C. A.; De Souza, C. A.; Pasquini, Ricardo; Nucci, Márcio (Nature Publishing Group, 2007-06-01)
      The incidence of Gram-negative bacteremia has increased in hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) recipients. We prospectively collected data from 13 Brazilian HSCT centers to characterize the epidemiology of bacteremia ...

    • Factor VArg(306)-> Thr (factor V Cambridge) and factor V Arg(306)-> Gly mutations in venous thrombotic disease 

      Franco, R. F.; Maffei, Francisco Humberto de Abreu [UNIFESP]; Lourenco, Dayse Maria [UNIFESP]; Morelli, Vania Maris [UNIFESP; Thomazini, I. A [UNIFESP]; Piccinato, C. E.; Tavella, M. H.; Zago, M. A. (Blackwell Science Ltd, 1998-12-01)
      We investigated the prevalence of two reported mutations of the factor V gene (factor V Arg(306) --> Thr, or factor V Cambridge, and factor V Arg(306) --> Gly) in 104 relatively young patients with verified venous thrombosis ...

    • Fibrinogênio como fator de risco independente de doença vascular cerebral 

      Fukujima, Marcia Maiumi [UNIFESP]; Martinez, Tânia Leme da Rocha [UNIFESP]; Pinto, Leonor do Espírito Santo de Almeida [UNIFESP]; Auriemo, Caio R.c. [UNIFESP]; Andrade, Luiz Augusto Franco de [UNIFESP] (Academia Brasileira de Neurologia - ABNEURO, 1997-01-01)
      We have studied fibrinogen levels (Clauss technique) in atherothrombotic ischemic stroke patients, in order to determine its role as a thombogenic risk factor. Twenty nine patients (20 men and 9 women) between 25 and 79 ...

    • High prevalence of hepatitis C infection in a Brazilian prison: identification of risk factors for infection 

      Guimarães, Thaís [UNIFESP]; Granato, Celso Francisco Hernandes [UNIFESP]; Varella, Drauzio [UNIFESP]; Ferraz, Maria Lucia Cardoso Gomes [UNIFESP]; Castelo Filho, Adauto [UNIFESP]; Kallas, Esper Georges [UNIFESP] (Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, 2001-06-01)
      Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes infectious hepatitis worldwide. It is transmitted mainly by blood products and sharing of intravenous paraphernalia during illicit drug use. High prevalence rates have been described among ...

    • Hyperhomocysteinemia increases the risk of venous thrombosis independent of the C677T mutation of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene in selected Brazilian patients 

      Morelli, V. M.; Lourenco, D. M.; D'Almeida, V; Franco, R. F.; Miranda, F.; Zago, M. A.; Noguti, MAE; Cruz, E.; Kerbauy, J. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2002-04-01)
      Fasting total homocysteine (tHcy) and the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) C677T mutation were evaluated in 91 patients with venous thromboembolism and without acquired thrombophilia, and in 91 age-matched and ...

    • Identification of polymorphisms in the 5 '-untranslated region of the TAFI gene: relationship with plasma TAFI levels and risk of venous thrombosis 

      Franco, R. F.; Fagundes, M. G.; Meijers, JCM; Reitsma, P. H.; Lourenco, Dayse Maria [UNIFESP]; Morelli, Vania Maris [UNIFESP]; Maffei, Francisco Humberto de Abreu [UNIFESP]; Ferrari, I. C.; Piccinato, C. E.; Silva, W. A.; Zago, M. A. (Ferrata Storti Foundation, 2001-05-01)
      Background and Objectives. Thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) plays an important role in hemostasis, functioning as a potent fibrinolysis inhibitor. TAFI gene variations may contribute to plasma TAFI levels ...

    • Interleukin-6 polymorphisms and the risk of cervical cancer 

      Souza, NCN de; Brenna, SMF; Campos, F.; Syrjanen, K. J.; Baracat, Edmund Chada [UNIFESP]; Silva, Ismael Dale Cotrim Guerreiro da [UNIFESP] (Blackwell Publishing, 2006-05-01)
      Recent data implicate that cytokine gene polymorphisms are important in pathogenesis of various neoplastic and nonneoplastic human diseases, and it was recently suggested that polymorphisms in interleukin (IL)-6 might ...

    • Interleukin-8 gene polymorphism -251T > A and Alzheimer's disease 

      Vendramini, Alex Augusto; Labio, Roger Willian de; Rasmussen, Lucas Trevizani [UNIFESP]; Minett, Thaís Soares Cianciarullo [UNIFESP]; Bertolucci, Paulo Henrique Ferreira [UNIFESP]; Smith, Marilia de Arruda Cardoso [UNIFESP]; Payão, Spencer Luiz Marques [UNIFESP] (Ios Press, 2007-01-01)