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    • End-to-end distance distribution in bradykinin observed by Forster resonance energy transfer 

      Souza, E. S. de; Hirata, I. Y.; Juliano, L.; Ito, A. S. (Elsevier B.V., 2000-04-06)
      Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) was used to study the conformational dynamics of bradykinin related peptides. the fluorescent probe aminobenzoic acid (Abz) bound to the amino terminal of bradykinin maintained its ...

    • Reduction of ortho-aminobenzoyl-proline fluorescence and formation of pyrrolobenzodiazepine-5,11-dione 

      Hirata, Izaura Yoshico [UNIFESP]; Cezari, Maria Helena Sedenho [UNIFESP]; Boschcov, Paulo [UNIFESP]; Garratt, Richard Charles; Oliva, Glaucius; Ito, Amando Siuiti; Spisni, Alberto; Franzoni, Lorella; Juliano, Luiz [UNIFESP] (Kluwer Academic Publ, 1998-01-01)
      The ortho-aminobenzoic acid (Abz) group is widely employed as a fluorescent marker for peptides used as substrates for the study of proteolytic enzyme activity. in fact, a direct correlation has been observed between ...